Silicone Mold Care

The longevity of your silicone molds depend on how you care for them. Here are some recommendations on cleaning and use of your silicone molds:
  • Hand wash only in mild dish soap and warm water. Always wash before your first use to remove any contaminants from manufacturing.
  • Do not use chemicals to clean the mold. Harsh chemicals will degrade and dry out the silicone.
  • Mold conditioner is recommended for longevity of your molds.
  • Do NOT use heat on your molds. This includes torches, lighters and heat guns. This can melt the silicone and damage your mold.
  • High heat epoxy/resin like Fast Set is not recommended. The heat produced from the chemical reaction can be too hot for certain silicones. 
  • Confirm your epoxy brand's max casting size to prevent from melting larger molds. Pour in layers to prevent ruining large molds. 
  • Store flat to prevent warping of the mold.